Q: I'm getting conflicting information about the Illinois CCW, why?

A:Every day we get calls from customers saying: "I heard, some guy said, they told me"..... There is huge amount of misinformation circulating about the new Illinois CCW. Many well intentioned people seem to be talking a lot about something they actually know little about, even some "professionals" are misinformed. We designed this website and our CCW classes with you in mind, our goal is to eliminate incidents & accidents by providing excellent information & training. After you review this website, if you still have questions please email us or call anytime, see the CONTACT US button at the top.

Q: I haven't bought my weapon yet; can I still take the class?

A: YES...most people got their driver's license before the bought their first car. During the classroom training we'll discuss some of the various types and sizes of weapons and you will handle weapons in class. If you are applying for a CCW that requires live fire, at Range Training you'll shoot both a revolver and semi-automatic handgun, we provide the firearms, ammunition and safety gear.

Q: So what's the story on Illinois new CCW permit?

A: Our firm is an Illinois State Police approved CCW Instructor working with 4 approved class curriculums. Applicants must complete a total of 16 hours of training and may receive a credit of 4 or 8 hours for previously issued certifications although ALL applicants must complete a simple 30 round live fire range test. You leave our classroom with everything necessary to apply on-line for your CCW, you must possess a FOID card. Cost is 150.00 paid to the state for a 5 year permit. Our classes are offered over a weekend, 8 hours both days and are all inclusive; class materials, beverages, lunch, firearms, ammo, safety gear, the range, targets, insurance. There are no HIDDEN FEES!



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Q:  I have a CCW from Florida, Utah or Maine.  Can I legally carry in Illinois with these.


A: No Illinois residents MUST have a valid F.O.I.D. Card and an Illinois CCW to legally carry in their home state.

Q: I've never shot a gun; can I still carry a concealed weapon?

A: YES...but your CCW permit is only the beginning of your journey towards personal protection and firearm safety. Everyone is encouraged to pursue more training, advanced classes and extensive live fire practice. Obtaining a CCW permit entitles you to carry a firearm for personal protection, oddly the process has more to do with the laws relating to self defense than anything else. If you don't know what the law is you can end up in serious trouble.

Q: I'm concerned about passing the Illinois Live Fire test, how

A: Don't worry, you'll do fine, and if you don't pass guess what....you'll simply do it again till you do pass. Its no big deal, only 30 rounds.

Q: What CCW's are available?

A: Illinois residents MUST obtain an Illinois CCW to carry legal in their home state.  Unfortunately the Illinois CCW has limited recognition with other states.  That's why we include (at no charge) the Florida Non-Resident CCW with the Illinois class.  With both the Illinois & Florida CCW's you're legal in 30+ states. Missouri residents are lucky, because Missouri recognizes

any CCW from any issuing state including the Florida or Maine non-resident CCW's which are easier to get.




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       Also Available: Arizona, Florida & Maine Permits

Q: OK, I'm ready to sign up for a class, what do I do?

A: Our Illinois classes are held at Piasa Harbor (between Alton/Grafton on The Great River Road) and are extremely popular right now and seating is limited so you must reserve your seat in advance to guarantee your attendance.  You can't attend a class without bringing your class reservation.  Simply click on the CLASSES/SCHEDULE button above, select the appropriate class session and hit the BUY NOW button.  You can pay the class fee with any bank card and you will be able to print a receipt.  A receipt will be emailed to you as well with any additional instructions or information you will need.

Q: How do I schedule a private CCW class?

A:  We offer private group CCW classes throughout Illinois & Missouri at your home, office, church or we'll find a location for you.  A minimum of 5 people are required and every 6th person is free.  Make it a CCW party with beverages, pizza whatever.  Call or email for additional information and pricing.